Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I often get asked how I balance life as a work at home mom...I am not really sure why anyone thinks I have found the secret, I haven’t.
I am not sure anyone ever finds balance, there are just so many things involved with life as a mom, not to mention life as a working mom, whether that work is in the home or out of the home.
So, what I can do is share what seems to work for us.  I discovered very early on working while Reece was awake was a no go, I just felt like I was being pulled in far too many directions.  So, I work when he sleeps and since he has not napped since he was 14 months, I work at night, for the most part.
My career as a holistic nutritionist does require me to do some daytime work in the form of workshops, speaking engagements, client meetings and so on.  I am very careful with my planning and try to only book myself out of the house two mornings per week. I often have to be out of the house in the evening as well and try to limit this to once per week on top of my teaching (I teach dance, tap and jazz one night per week and one to two Saturday’s per month).  It doesn’t always happen, but I try.
So, how do I find balance...not sure I have it. I do have a career I am passionate about and truly love. I am fortunate in that I can make my own hours and create a schedule which works for my family. My priority is being a mom and I will do whatever it takes to ensure I can participate in that role with 100% of my energy.
I take time occasionally to go out with my friends; we usually head out for dinner every couple of months, sometimes more often. I take time at least once per week to soak in the tub with a good book and a cup of tea. I also make sure I have time to do the things I enjoy...reading, knitting, sewing, cooking, running and hiking.  And of course, at some point during the week I squeeze in some time to spend with Justin. 
It is never easy, it never works out the way I have it planned in my head, but somehow, most weeks are pretty good and I feel like life is balanced. Yes, there are times, when I feel like I have not had enough “me” time, but during those times, I take a deep breath, sometimes two or three and I think. I think about the things I am grateful for, I think about the things in my life which bring my joy and I think about my family – the three of us, pushing through and making it work together.
And then, I make a cup of tea, sit back and relax...even if it’s just for a minute.


  1. I could not agree more that sometimes all you need to do is reflect to really appreciate how balanced life is in it's own way. Swapping a glass of wine for a cup of tea never hurt either. Cheers to balance ;)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Amanda, that is a great way to put it..."how balanced life is in it's own way", nice!

    And yes, a glass of wine in place of the tea can also do wonders :)

  3. As a new mom (am I still a new mom when my little one is now almost 1 year old:)) finding balance has been a struggle but as you mentioned, sometimes a few deep breaths and an appreciation of all the good things in my life make me feel balanced....and dark chocolate:)

  4. Awe, yes Shamima, dark chocolate is always good to have on hand...in fact there are many times when a square or two appear with my cup of tea :)

    So happy to hear you are finding balance too, it is not easy, but is possible.