Thursday, November 10, 2011

Making Treats for the Birds

It seems lately, Thursday afternoons have become our crafting afternoon. I have not meant for it to be that way, we have just fallen into the rhythm and we are going with it.
For a few weeks now I have wanted to make some treats for our feathered friends with Reece and today seemed like the perfect afternoon to do it. 
So I gathered up the supplies we would need – peanut butter, bowl of bird seed, pinecones, wire, ribbon and craft paper. I had been collecting supplies for the last few weeks, so I was ready for the project. The entire time Reece followed me around wondering what I was doing. I kept saying we were going to make some treats for the birds, and he just looked at the things I was adding to the table and was a little confused, “Really” he said.

Once I had it all set up, I grabbed two knives and began to add peanut butter to one of the pinecones. I had him as soon as the peanut butter hit the pinecone; he dug in with his knife and gave it a shot.

We had a great time slathering peanut butter on the pinecones, rolling them in bird seed and seeing the final treats we made for the birds.

The entire time we worked, Reece kept saying “The birds are going to be so happy, they will love our treats.”  It was priceless.

As soon as we finished we headed outside to hang them from the trees. Of course Reece wondered why the birds didn’t come right away. This will be a lesson in patience for him, as it could be a few days before they find them and start enjoying our treats.

What have you been making with your little ones lately?


  1. Wonderful idea. Thanks!! I am very excited to share this with my childern. I will be scouting supplies tomorrow!!
    Do you have any suggestions of how or where to hang some of the treats we make so only the birds can get at them?

  2. Hope you and your kids enjoying making them, we sure did!! And the blue jays finally found them today, Reece was so excited to see them enjoying the treats we made for them.

    As for how to hang them, we wrapped some wire around the top of each pinecone before we covered it in peanut butter. This made it easy to handle and get the seeds on without making too much of a mess. We then made a loop at the top to hang from the tree branches.

    As for keeping the treats away from other animals, I wish I knew. We don't have a problem with that, but I do have other feeders around which the chipmunks frequent. Maybe because they have another source they leave these ones alone. If you find any tips, be sure to let me know.

    Have fun with the treat making.