Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dear Reece

Three years have passed and I look back fondly on the moment you arrived in our home, ready to change my world and steal my heart...and you have done just that.
I am not sure why you choose me as your mom, but I am so grateful you did. Your amazing smile, your infectious laugh and your soulful eyes add so much joy to my days. I can’t imagine life without you.
I look forward to each new day with you; I know it brings with it adventure, discovery, enthusiasm and a zest for life which is contagious.  We have enjoyed many wonderful adventures together and I know our tomorrows will bring even more.
As we celebrate three years of “you” I renew my promise to respect you, honour you, help and guide you; to love without judgement and parent with compassion; to support you and to laugh and cry with you; to be the mom you deserve.
My little man, I will cherish you always. I am honoured to be your mom.
I love you.

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November 2011

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