Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Tree for Reece

We are in the middle of redefining spaces in our home. Recently we moved our bedroom up to the loft, which was meant to be Reece’s bedroom. Since we have a family bed, his bedroom was not getting used. It was annoying me that we were not using all the space in our little home, so I came up with a plan. We moved our bedroom upstairs and Reece’s future bedroom is our old bedroom.  Now you say this really doesn’t do much for the space not being used, as Reece is still not going to be sleeping in his bedroom, but it does. You see our bedroom was really two rooms, we took a wall down when we moved in to create a larger room. A few weeks ago, once we had moved our bedroom up to the loft, Justin put up a divider wall in the space which has made it possible for us to create a bedroom for Reece as well as a home school/play/arts and crafts room.  It has actually created some much needed space in our home, which I love.
When Justin created the wall, he used a tree, yes a tree as the post for the wall. It is pretty amazing and Reece loves it. When he says he has “a tree” in his bedroom most people think he is teasing them.

Today, we put another tree in Reece’s room, a small Christmas tree. Reece was pretty excited to be getting another tree in his room and when he found out we were putting lights and decorations on it...well, let’s just say it made his day.
Take a look at the fun we had this afternoon.


  1. Cutest tree ever!! Love the wooden ornaments!

  2. Awe, thanks! We made those wooden ornaments last week

    I am planning to use them as gift tags too!

    Enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by :)