Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Little Kitchen Helper

My little man has been in the kitchen with me since the is one of my favourite places in our home. I love food and I love to cook, so sharing my passion for both with him was important to me.

Lately, everytime I head into the kitchen my little man is right behind me. Sometimes calling out "up on the counter" or dragging a chair from the dining area so he can stand on the chair and help.

Today, it was up on the counter and preparing the vegetables for our dinner. He had a blast washing the broccoli and peeling the carrots.

And the whole time this mama had a smile on her face and a warmth in her heart.


  1. Lovely!! Have a very fun weekend!!

  2. Thanks! Hope you have a fun weekend too!

  3. So sweet Kim!! My little man is going to be 1 soon and I also want him to spend more time in the kitchen with me, any tips to encourage this help? Have a great weekend!!

  4. Hi Shamima, it is so much fun to have them in the kitchen. Tips - just get him in there. Reece was in the kitchen from the get go - sometimes I was wearing him, other times in his booster chair.

    At one, Reece would sit on the counter (with supervision of course) beside the blender in the morning, pushing the buttons as we made smoothies.

    I would get him bowls of water and measuring cups and let him practice moving the water from one bowl to another. You can also do this with rice or lentls for less mess :)

    And the other thing Reece did a lot at that age was just play on the kitchen floor while I prepared meals. I would give him bowls, wooden spoons, measuring cups, and so on and he would play, make music and have fun.

    Here's a post I wrote on my other blog about getting your kids in the kitchen

    Have fun!