Monday, November 21, 2011

Our Bedtime Rhythm

We have many rhythms in our day, and bedtime is no different.  Each night, once the dinner dishes are put away, Justin and Reece head into the bathroom. The door is closed and all I hear is a lot of laughing, splashing and the odd “not that much water”. I have tried on a number of occasions to sneak a peek at the fun the two of them have during bath time, but it seems as soon as they hear my footsteps coming towards the door, the fun stops. I have gotten the hint...mama is just not welcome at bath time.
Once the bath is done, I usually hear “mama, me done” from the bathroom and off I go to get my little man from the bath. Daddy’s part is done, now mama takes over. I get Reece into his pyjamas and then we head upstairs for a book, cuddles, nursing and finally, sleep.

Lately, we have two bedtime books on the go. It’s Time to Sleep My Love by Nancy Tillman and Zzzzz A Book of Sleep by Il Sung Na.  We usually read one, sometimes both, depending on how tired Reece is.  We cuddled for a bit and then Reece nurses. Most evenings it doesn’t take long for my little man to doze off into dreamland.
What does your bedtime rhythm with your little ones look like?

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