Thursday, November 17, 2011

Making Decorations

For the past few years our Christmas tree has been adorned with red and white lights, some beaded garland and beautiful ribbon, and that is it, nothing else. And believe it or not, it is the most beautiful yet simple tree and we love it!
This year, as Reece gets craftier, we have decided to make some decorations for the tree to add to last year’s beauty and simplicity. 
I had been gathering the things we needed for the decorations for a couple of days, knowing we had a quiet Thursday afternoon coming up and I planned to fill it with making decorations.
Justin headed into the forest to find some fallen branches. He cut them on a slight diagonal, creating beautiful wood discs.  He then drilled some holes in the top.
I gathered some snowflake and snowman stamps, some new ink pads and green and red ribbon.

And from there it was simple and a ton of fun. Reece and I got stamping...a snowflake here and a snowman there and before you know it we had created a ton of decorations.

Reece and I then took some time to add the ribbon and I tied the ribbon in knots, ready to  be hung on our tree. Reece had a great time with this project and although we have told him what we will do with them, I don’t think he quite understands.  We will have to wait until we bring the tree home and then it will all come together for him.

On a side note, while we were stamping away, I decided to see if I could write on the wood, and yes I can.  I have been working to find a “green” alternative to gift wrapping and gift tags this year and these will work perfectly. I plan to stamp a snowflake on one side and address the gift on the other...perfect idea to go with my homemade cloth gift bags.

Have you been making decorations in your home?


  1. Absolutely love these and I think simple is beautiful!!

  2. Thanks Ami! We had so much fun making them. More fun to come in a few weeks when we decorate the tree with them :)

  3. Thanks so much Island Girl, I totally agree with you...simple is beautiful.