Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hello Winter!

Hello Winter!

It feels like you have been here for quite some time already, but today we officially welcome you with open arms. Soon we will join some friends in the woods for a hike. We will choose the perfect tree and decorate it in your honour, with homemade bird feeders, and stringed popcorn, all to feed our feathered friends. Back at our friends home after our hike, our kiddos will play, us adults will chat, and we will enjoy warm cups of Wassail, and a lovely potluck lunch. I already know this day will be wonderful, we are spending it with people who mean a lot to us. You will be the center of attention though, this day, the shortest, darkest one of the year, is something to celebrate, for after today the light slowly returns, guiding us forward along our paths. Later today, back at our home, the three of us will celebrate the power of your light with a fire, outside, under the dark, starry sky. In our hands will be our dinner, bowls of pasta topped with roasted tomatoes from the summer garden. We will sit around the fire, watching the flames dance, my mind will fill with those things in life I am most grateful for, and later my thoughts will turn to those things that no longer serve me, things I want to let go of. I will toss those thoughts into the fire, releasing them so that as I step into the new year I am free to move forward, free to be more of who I am, the real me.

Winter, you are here to remind us to slow down, and to let the light within us shine bright. You are a fresh start for me, a day when I can look back, and also look forward, a day that fills me with hope, and excites every part of my being. Welcome back dear friend. It is good to see you again.


Winter exudes quiet and peace, it forces you inside, and offers us a chance to reflect. I am feeling the pull to move inward, to find quiet and peace in the midst of the hustle and bustle, and to find space for more of the things I love. This space will be quiet this week as we soak up two full weeks of family time...time spent hiking, playing, hopefully snowshoeing, and just enjoying moments together. I will be back for the last photo in the 52 Project next weekend, and on Monday December 29th I have a little something for you, so be sure to stop in.

Wishing you and your families a wonderful holiday season filled with love and magic. xo

Saturday, December 20, 2014


 "A photo of my little man, once a week, every week, in 2014"
Reece, these hands, your hands, gosh they are so busy all the time. From hand stitching to finger knitting, food prep to baking, painting to drawing, playing to building, they are always busy doing something, and I love seeing them in action. This week you took it upon yourself to create a stuffed Christmas tree. I have no idea where you got the idea from, but I left our home one afternoon and when I returned three hours later you had finished it and were so very proud of your creation. The sparkle in your eyes when you showed it to made my heart melt. To see you so passionate about creating, to see the joy you find when you make something with your hands, goodness that makes me so happy. I hope you never lose that passion, and that you always create from the heart, and with joy.

Joining Jodi for the 52 Project

Friday, December 19, 2014

A Little Knitting

I know I said all the holiday knitting was done, but, there is always a but, a few weeks ago I noticed that Justin could really use a new scarf. I think it has been two, possibly three, years since he has had a new one. While I was at the yarn shop searching for wool, I also decided Reece needed a new cowl. So two beautiful yarns later, I was headed home. The cowl was quick and easy, the scarf took at little longer. Whenever I had a spare moment I picked the scarf up, knit a few stitches, put it down, came back to it, put it down, and so on. Slowly, but surely it grew and grew, and on Tuesday night I cast it off with plenty of time to spare.

And with that the Christmas making is done! The needles are still clicking away though, a milo was started the other night, for a friend who is expecting a baby girl, and my February Lady Sweater was tucked away during the Christmas crafting season, but will be making its way back into my hands this weekend.

Are you finished your Christmas making?

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Best Gift

When my little man opened his scroll from the Advent gnome yesterday he found a little note inviting him to a lunch date with me. Little did I know when I wrote the note that our morning plans for our weekly nature adventure with friends would fall apart, leaving Reece and I hitting the trails on our own.

We spent the morning at a local trail, catching water drops as they fell from branches, wandering, was so quiet, and just enjoying the peace. At times he held my hand, and I held his, as we chatted away, him asking many questions about animals and nature, and me just listening and smiling at his curiosity. We returned to the car a little wet, and hungry and headed out for our lunch date to one of our favourite spots. The food was good, and the company even better.

I honestly could not have planned this day better, and while I was disappointed when our friends couldn't make it for our nature adventure, what I received in return was a joy filled day with my little man. Really, it was the best gift a mama could ask for.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

One Year, Two Projects

I began this year with plans to complete two year long projects, and am happy to say as we approach the end of the year, I have followed through on both. The first was the 52 Project with Jodie, a photo of my little man once a week, every week in 2014. I am so happy I took part in this project, looking back at the photos, seeing my little man's growth through the is pretty amazing. I have plans to create a little photo book with the photos, and will definitely be creating a few extra books for grandparents and Godparents.

The second project was 52 Weeks of Mail, and began a new ritual for me early in the year. Every week this year I have sent mail to someone. Most times it was a card with a little note inside, sometimes a few nature treasures were added, and other times little surprise packages with homemade goodies. I took part in this project simply because it is a pleasure, a simple pleasure, to sit down with a cup of tea, pen in hand, and write a note to a friend. It has been a project I have thoroughly enjoyed, and out of it, I have connected in new ways with many of you, and that has been wonderful.

As I approach the end of both projects, my thoughts have been turning to the New Year and the projects I will take on. Both of these projects brought joy to me, and I will definitely be continuing them in the New Year. I have a few other thoughts in mind for year long projects in 2015, but I haven't committed yet. When I do, you will be the first to know.

Did you take part in any year long projects in 2014? Do you have plans to do so in 2015?


P.S. If you like to receive little surprises in the mail be sure to email your address to me, I would love to send you a handwritten note in 2015.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Morning, Noon and Night

Morning, noon and night...three little peeks into my day yesterday.

Morning, 10:45am

Noon, 2pm (thank you Karen!!!!)

Night, 5:30pm

***If you would like to play along leave your link in the comments section so I can stop by and visit.*** 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Finding Solace in Nature

While the world around us is busy, swept up in the hustle and bustle of the season, we intentionally move more slowly through our days. We wrap ourselves in the pace of nature, breathing deeply and fully, letting our feet lead us along the path the stretches out before us. We hold hands, sometimes we talk, but mostly we just walk, our minds lost in our own thoughts. We stop to look at nature, identify and follow tracks, listen to birds sing, and watch the waves lap against the rocks. And those rocks, yes, there is always a pocketful that come home with us. As we return to the car we are filled with the feeling of peace and solace that we longed to find when we stepped into nature.

As the holiday season ramps up this week, my hope for you, dear friends, is that you may find solace within your days, in ways that speak to your heart.