Sunday, December 3, 2017


It was a weekend full of traditions in our home. From hiking out back to find the perfect little tree and adding the handmade ornaments my little man and I made when he was three, to the return of the Advent gnome and his scrolls, to the Advent spiral on our table and the beginning of the journey to Christmas day.

This time of year is steeped in tradition for most families, and we are no exception. I often wonder at what age my little man will decide the Advent gnome is too young for him. I thought maybe this year, but when I asked I got a very enthusiastic response that he is definitely not too old for the Advent gnome. And his excitement over the spiral and our Christmas tree hike was just as enthusiastic. As his mama, and one who loves these traditions and this time of year, I am over the moon that he stills enjoys our traditions.

Over the next few weeks other traditions will be a part of our days, things my little man now remembers from year to year. Our drive along Old Scugog Road to see the Christmas lights, our outing to buy hats and mitts for those in need, a trip into the city for the Toronto Christmas Market, decorating our Solstice tree, and of course our Solstice fire, complete with sparklers. There is baking to be done and friends to visit, hikes to enjoy and movies to watch. And hopefully there will be outdoor ice skating and a little snowshoeing too.

As things quiet down a little bit for me with work, and the darkness descends as we move towards the darkest day, I find myself craving space and comfort. I think that's why these traditions hold so much value for me, there is solace in returning to them, year after year, a feeling of familiarity that brings great joy to my heart.

What traditions are you returning to this year? Have you added any new ones?


  1. Your words and photos make me feel so comfy. I'm happy to hear your traditions are alive and still well appreciated even as the years go on. Sometimes I don't think we have many traditions, but then a little five year old asks if we'll be doing some thing or another again this year and I realize how so many ordinary things become traditions as we go. So happy to come here to this space and feel the warmth of your sharing. Happy holiday season to you Kim.

    1. Ordinary things become very true, and such a wonderful reminder from your beautiful five year old. So happy you popped in, my friend, it's been a while. I hope all is well you and your clan. Happy Holiday season to all of you. xo

  2. I love the warmth from your photos. Our traditions are at the moment not very defined as we haven't found our proper nest yet, but we relate more to the Solstice/Yule tradition.
    Happy Holidays!! Lots of love and light for you and your boy.

    Luisa xoxo

  3. my traditions are fluid, the last few years the Christmas stockings are stuffed with surprises and the wrapped ones they all know about. I hope you have a fun advent and Christmas!

  4. oh my goodness what a sweet tree!

    our traditions that are holding strong~ advent spiral (been using yours the last few years after rigging up the birthday ring for a while before), paper pocket advent calendar, donating to the local shelter at St. Nicholas' Day, going to see the Nutcracker, solstice candlelit dinner followed by a bonfire, making winter treats for the birds at solstice, the tree of course....... and that may be about it. This year we added in her first time ice skating, which we hope to do more in years to come!

    cheers and happy new year!