2014 Online
Mind, Body, Love eBook, May 2014
Mud Puddles to Meteors, Hitting the Trails: Long Sault Conservation Area
Mud Puddles to Meteors, Creating a Natural Outdoor Playspace
Mud Puddles to Meteors, What's That Wednesday: Ice Volcanoes
Mud Puddles to Meteors, Project: Making Snow Candles
Mud Puddles to Meteors, Hitting the Trails: Lynde Shore Conservation Area
Imagine Childhood, Nature Walk 

2014 Print
Holistic Parenting Magazine, November 2014, Thriving on Your Journey Through Motherhood
Holistic Parenting Magazine, September 2014, Bringing Story to Life
Holistic Parenting Magazine, July 2014, Connecting to Nature as a Family
Holistic Parenting Magazine, May 2014, Midsummer Merriment
Holistic Parenting Magazine, March 2014, Slow Living in Tune with the Seasons

2013 Online
Anchor and Plume Press, Solace
Anchor and Plume Press, Hope
So Fawned, Choosing to Homeschool
Anchor and Plume Press, The Jars on the Shelf
Small Town Simplicity, The Dance of Life
Small Town Simplicity, Sponsor Interview
Julie Malony: Health Coach, A Mother
Anchor and Plume Press, The Old Schoolhouse

2012 Online
Olive and Owl, Interviewed for "In Her Shoes"
Little Coffee Beans, On Mothering
Rowan and Oak, Wise Words
Green Child Magazine Back to School 2012 Issue, Meal Planning 101
Little Homestead in the Desert, Kids in the Kitchen
Little Homestead in the Desert, Have You Got An Underweight Toddler 

2012 Print
Lakeridge Kids Magazine, Tips for Starting Solids

2011 Online
She Let Them Eat Cake, Gluten Free and Vegan Pancakes
Babymoon Parenting, Tickling Tiny Taste Buds
Naturally Free RD, Preparing for Your Pregnancy

2011 Print
Lakeridge Kids Magazine, Power Up Your Breast Milk  
Lakeridge Kids Magazine, Lessons From a Little Guy
Lakeridge Kids Magazine, Meal Planning Success
Lakeridge Kids Magazine, It's Snack Time

2010 Online
Okanagan Child, Stocking Your Pantry

2010 Print
Lakeridge Kids Magazine, Organic Food on A Budget
Lakeridge Kids Magazine, Easy Thermos Lunches
Lakeridge Kids Magazine, The Goodness of Grains

2009 Print
Lakeridge Kids Magazine, Baby Food: Pure and Simple

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