Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Ten Things

The garden is planted. Seeds are sprouting. I am tending and nurturing. Truth...I spent a lot of time considering the garden this year, not my usual considerations about companion planting, what to plant, and so on, but did I actually want to plant a garden. I know, shocking! Life is full, there is lots going on and I questioned whether or not I had enough inspiration and motivation to tend and nurture from seed to harvest. At first I made the difficult decision to let it go this summer, to just sit in the beauty of summer, hit the farmers market and allow myself a bit more time and space. I am guessing you all know me better than I know myself, and already have guessed that I indeed did change my mind, and the garden is in full growing mode. I was late getting it all in, but it is done, and my heart is happy and my soul alive. What was I thinking letting the garden go? Just a small moment of crazy that quickly disappeared.

That internal discussion with the garden had a lot to do with the time it takes to care for this land I call home. While my homestead is not huge, it still requires a lot of work to maintain, and that at times can seem daunting and overwhelming on my own. But then a friend steps in, offers her hubby up for a morning of chore help around here and before you know it things seem much less overwhelming. On Saturday said hubby arrived ready to work and help me out. He trimmed trees, and bushes, fixed some things on the chicken coop, and brought a happy, loving vibe to my homestead. I felt honoured and blessed to have the help, and am forever grateful to both my girlfriend for sharing her hubby, and to him for taking the time from his weekend to lend a hand. Thank you Holly and Jeremy...your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated and will always hold a special place in my heart.

While Jeremy worked around my homestead, I had the absolute honour of taking their three year old into the woods. Together their little man and I wondered the trails, followed deer tracks, searched milkweed for monarch eggs, examined scat and found animal bones, enjoyed a picnic trailside and climbed trees. I love seeing the world through the eyes of little ones, and spending time with this little person was such a joy.

My little man cut his hair!!! He has been growing his hair for three years, at least, and was pretty adamant he was never cutting it. Then Monday he got up in the morning said he wanted to get his haircut and could we do today? Hmmmm...of course we can. So off we went, and he is now sporting a shaggy, short do...all his decision.

Our homeschool year has wrapped up, and what a year it was. Lots of kiddos on the homestead learning, crafting and playing together. New friendships formed and other friendships deepened. It was a great year, not without it's challenges, but in those challenges we all learned and grew, adapting and changing along the way. It's all about the journey, for the kiddos and myself.

I am ready for summer camp! There will be kiddos here on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for the month of July. Three different camps...herbal kids camp, nature camp and arts and craft camp. I am not sure who is going to have more fun, me or the kiddos.

There has been a lot of growth in my little business, and lots of interest about what I do on my homestead. Abundance might the word to describe all the goodness that has flowed my way. With growth also comes change, and a big change next year is a slight shift in our days here on the homestead. As more families became interested in my day to day program there was a pull inside to move from a Waldorf based inspiration to a more nature/forest school inspiration. And so beginning in September I will be making that shift, and while there will still be a Waldorf inspiration, there will be a lot more time in nature, and a deeper focus on nature connection. I am excited for this change, and can't wait to bring my ideas to fruition.

Self that a priority on your to do list? Are you making yourself a priority, taking time to care for your needs? This is always a challenge, isn't it? Finding and making time for yourself comes with many emotions, the biggest one being guilt. I have learned so many things in the last few years, but the most important for myself and my little man is that I need to look after myself...and that means carving out time for the things that make my soul come alive, things that make me feel nurtured and loved, things that allow me to fill my own bucket so I can fill the bucket of others around me. Self care looks different for all of us, for me that includes time in nature, every day, it means an indulgent soak in the tub most nights with a book, it means small moments throughout the day for a deep breath and a cup of tea, it means gathering with friends to share bits and pieces about our lives, it means being creative, it means dancing and moving my body, and most of all it means tuning into my heart and listening carefully to what it needs and craves, and then making the time and space to give to myself. Are you giving to yourself, my friends?

I am nearing the end of my course with the Journey of Young Women, and my plans for my first girls circle are starting to come together. I will share more about this journey, the circles and my plans as they take shape. I am excited to work with young girls, to help, in a small way, as they move along the path from childhood to young womanhood.

Life in general has been good the last few months, my friends. Divorce has a way of throwing you into a bit of a tailspin, bringing with it uncertainty and a lot of questions about what lies ahead. In the last few months I feel like I have come out of the haze of that tailspin, finding my footing on this new path, and enjoying the ride. It still has many ups and downs, but after every thing I have been through I feel pretty confident that I can handle pretty much anything that comes my way. There have been many low points on this path, but also some pretty amazing high points. I have learned so much about myself, grown as a person and as a woman, and am excited about what lies ahead for my little man and I.

How are things in your world, my friends?