Monday, March 20, 2017


The days are getting longer, the sun shines bright well past dinner, and the sunrises lately...stunning! I am a lover of all seasons, each one provides my heart and soul with joy. I have mentioned before that what I enjoy the most though, is the shift in the seasons; the in-between days when Mother Nature gifts us a little look at what is to come. It's in the shifts that I find the greatest joy, the farewell of what was, and the welcoming of what is to come. In the dark, cold days of winter the spring seems so far off, but then a day like yesterday glows bright and with it a reminder. In the shift Mother Nature reminds us that the dark and cold will eventually move to warmth and light. She sits in the dark, draws inward, reflects and when she is ready she steps back into the light, the abundance. And we, just like her, do the same. Our lives are a mixture of dark and light; without the dark we wouldn't truly appreciate the light; without winter, we can't truly appreciate the return of spring.

Soak it up, my friends. Dance in the sunshine, play in the puddles of melting snow, turn your face to the light and let it fill you up.

Happy Spring Equinox!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Postcards From the Beach

Sunrises, walks on the beach, afternoons by the pool, tourist fun, sunshine, blue skies, knitting, reading and more....we have definitely found our bliss by the ocean this week. This has been a slow holiday, nothing extraordinary, just simple, ordinary days. Each morning we wake with no plans and let the day before us unfold as it would like. It's been a lovely rhythm, and one that I have welcomed with an open heart.

There were no big plans for this holiday, and I didn't intend to actually take a week away from work. I packed my computer, and my notes for website updates, homeschooling plans and more, but the Universe had other plans for me. My laptop, a brand new one, died on Monday. Literally died. I took it in to have it looked at and the estimated work time was two to three weeks. I'll be home by then, so I collected it from the shop, and it sits in my bag, with my work. That, right there, was my sign, a big one if you ask me, to sit back and relax this week. To let whatever I thought I would get done go, and to just soak up the chance to relax. And that is exactly what I have done.

Refreshed describes how I am feeling right now, and full...both heart and soul are full. We still have a few more days at the beach, and I fully intend to sink into them and soak up the ocean breeze, the sunshine and the fresh air before packing up for our drive home.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend, my friends.