Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Currently Reading

I always have a book on the go. For the most part, my book topic choices are usually nutrition, alternative health, home school or parent related. My book of the moment travels with me everywhere, you just never know when a moment to read will present itself.
Right now I am reading Seven Times the Sun by Shea Darwin.  This book is about guiding your child through the rhythms of the day. 

In her preface, Shea explains “rhythm is the mindful awakening to the blessings we may find in our daily acts.” What an absolutely beautiful way to put it. 
For us, creating rhythm is about creating an environment of stability and security for Reece.  I want him to know each day when he wakes up what the day holds as far as our regular rhythms – get up, eat breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth, and so on.  We have created rhythms to start our day, to eat our meals (same time, same blessing each day), for quiet time, for bath time and bed time. We don’t usually have any issues with Reece at these times of day because he knows what to expect...he is secure in his environment and trusts the rhythms we have created.
Seven Times the Sun has provided us with even more ideas to incorporate rhythms into our day, from books to read, songs to sing and verses to say. She includes simple rituals, reflections, folk tales and insights for parents. It is an easy read, very interesting and provides many ideas for creating rhythm in your day. 

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