Monday, October 31, 2011


Yes, today is Halloween and no, we did not take Reece “trick or treating”. In fact, Reece has never been trick or treating and we don’t intend to change that anytime soon.
There are many reasons we have made the decision to not participate in the usual Halloween festivities. We find it odd to allow Reece to knock on a stranger’s door and accept candy from them. It is strange to teach him not to do this all year long, but then make it okay for one night....
We also don’t eat candy, and Reece has never been exposed to it, except for Chocosol’s raw vanilla chocolate, so we don’t see a need to start the discussion as to why he can’t have it.
I personally am not a fan of the “holiday”. I find it kind of weird, morbid and me crazy, I know. Even as a child I was not fond of it. Justin on the other hand, never participated in the holiday as a child due to religious reasons.
Now don’t get me wrong, we are not complete party poopers. Instead of focusing on the one day of this wonderful season Mother Nature blesses us with, we choose to focus on the entire fall season.
We have enjoyed apple picking at an organic apple orchard, we have hit the pumpkin patch, carved pumpkins, roasted pumpkin seeds, collected fall leaves and made a fall wreath, played in the leaves and spent a lot of time on the hiking trails. We love this season and enjoy celebrating it. We just choose not to do Halloween in its typical form.

The Apple Orchard


The Pumpkin Patch

Fun in the Leaves

Our Fall Wreath

Reece has attended a dress up party hosted by one of the mom’s in our playgroup and we have been to a pumpkin carving contest hosted by his cousin’s school. He has enjoyed both events as well as the fall festivities we have participated in.

Dressed up as a Tree
I often get told that Reece is missing the experience of participating. I really don’t think so. He has no idea what trick or treating is and due to the lack of exposure, likely never will.  I also don’t think that if I were to dress him up and parade him from door to door it would be for his experience, it would really be for my experience, as he is unlikely to remember it.
And if the day does come when he asks to go trick or treating, his dad and I will discuss it with him and come up with the best solution for all of us.
Hoping you had a wonderful Halloween; however you and your family chose to celebrate it.


  1. Excellent new blog and the email today was just what I was looking for! Thank you!! and great post...our kids dress up but, don't go "trick or treating" we celebrate much the same way I think...we have a chili party (yum) and go to the pumpkin patch, corn maize things like that. Happy Autumn!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. The chili party sounds like a great it.

    Happy Autumn to you too!!!