Monday, October 10, 2011

A Little About Me

My little man and I hiking on Thanksgiving weekend.

My name is Kim.

I am a holistic nutritionist, specializing in mom, baby and toddler.

I have been happily married to Justin for 16 years.

We live in the country in an old schoolhouse, which was built in 1867.

My little man, Reece, was born at home on November 6, 2008.

We cloth diaper.

We co-sleep.

We breastfeed.

We did not circumcise.

We do not vaccinate.

We "life school".

We have been judged by many for the choices we have made and are making. We choose not to judge those who choose differently than us.

We are informed.

We are a vegetarian real food family.

We grow a lot of our own food, and hope to grow enough next summer to feed our little family.

We have dreams of chickens and fresh eggs every morning. And I secretly have dreams of a bee hive or two (but please don’t tell my husband yet).

We are working towards our home, our life and in our journey as a family.

If you wish to follow along on my journey of Mothering with Mindfulness...welcome.


  1. Wonderful post! We have a lot in common :)
    I am originally from Vancouver but now live in Perth, Western Australia.
    My daughter was born Nov 2, 2008 - just had her 3rd Birthday yesterday! We celebrated our 3 years or breastfeeding and bed sharing, still going strong!
    Lovely blog, I admire your dedication to posting when you are able :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Jen and Happy Birthday to your little one.

    It sure sounds like we have a lot in common...I love the fact we can connect with each other this way...the internet is awesome!

    Congratulations on the breastfeeding - way to go mama!