Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Crafting

I love the season of fall. Actually, I like all of the seasons. Each has their own unique characteristics which bring new and different rhythms with them.  I think what I love the most about the seasons is the time between them, when we are changing from one to the next. There is a subtle unknown about what is to come and I find that kind of exciting and refreshing.
We have been enjoying the fall immensely around here...lots of hiking, cups of tea, reading, cuddling, playing in the leaves, crafting and adding a touch of the season to our home.  Yesterday morning I stepped out for the morning to do a little shopping, leaving Reece home with his dad.  I asked them both to head outside to gather some leaves, pine cones, branches and acorns so we could make a fall wreath in the afternoon.
This is what I came home to:
Such an awesome collection of fall finds was waiting for me on our dining room table.  Justin had created a wire ring for us and Reece and I got to work. 
First, I wrapped branches around the ring. I actually used the branches of the strangle weed we have growing all over the property.  It bends really easy and made this task manageable.  From there, I was on glue gun duty and Reece decided where everything would go.  The first fall find he placed on the wreath were the “ticklers” as he calls them. They are actually the tops of one of the tall grasses I have growing in my garden.  From there it was the pine cones and the red leaves.  And finally, the scarecrow and pumpkin were added; I picked these up at Michaels in the morning.  I added the yellow leaves and the orange ribbon for punch of colour.

We had a great time creating our fall nature wreath and the look of delight on Reece's face when we hung it on the door, well, that was priceless. We had lots of fall finds left over so we got to work creating a little fall centerpiece for our table.  

We finished up the afternoon with a few stories and then a hike. It was the perfect fall hiking day. 

And look what we found hiding in one of the branches of a pine tree.

A great day of family fall fun! What did you get up today?