Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Space

I have mentioned before, we live in an old schoolhouse, a one room schoolhouse to be exact, which was built in 1878. It has had a wall put up, and an extension added, both by the owner who originally brought the house from the school board back in the 1960's. 

A Summer View of Our Schoolhouse
Living in a one room schoolhouse, for us, is awesome, we really love it. It does require us to be very smart about space and how we use it. Before Reece came along and it was just the two of us, space really wasn't much of an issue, there seemed to be lots of it. Add in a baby, now a toddler, and well, we have gotten very creative.

In a one room schoolhouse a private home office was just not in the cards, actually an office of any kind was not in the cards.  Which lead to space.

My Space
My office was originally in the loft, as was our family space, before Reece. But when I was pregnant we decided the loft would become Reece's room (which by the way was never used...our room is his room). So, I came up with the great idea of opening up the space under the stairs to created my own little nook.

I love my little nook. It is my space. It is tiny, yes, but it is mine. Justin did all of the handy work, from reclaimed wood...big bonus! He even added the book shelf last year so I could stop piling my books up on the floor. And as you can see, I have already outgrown it.

I enjoy working in this space, love the feel of reclaimed materials and wouldn't want a private closed off office space if you offered it to me.  Yes, it means I usually don't work when Reece is up and about, but really why would I want to do that.  Work gets done when he goes to bed at night and sometimes in the morning, if I can manage to sneak out of bed without waking him up. 

We are currently doing some minor renovations in our home, to yet again make it more "spacious" for us.  This includes moving our bedroom to the loft, creating a bedroom and home school/playroom for Reece from our old bedroom, reconfiguring the living space (aka family room, dining room, main living space) and creating a little reading nook complete with big yoga pillows and lots of books. 

I look forward to sharing our little renovations with you over the next few weeks.


  1. Thanks for sharing, I love your little work space! Your house is super cute, it must be pretty neat living in a house with so much history!

  2. Happy to share Sarah :) And yes, really neat to live in this house. We have had some people stop by a few times to check out where they used to go to school...very cool. They often share with us information on where people lived, who farmed what land and so on. We love hearing about the history, lots of fun!