Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Day With Daddy

I work one, sometimes two, Saturday’s a month from September to May and on those Saturday’s Reece gets to spend the entire day with his dad.  I always leave a few suggestions of things for the two of them to do...the Oshawa Zoo, the park, the corn maze, hiking, raking leaves and carving pumpkins were all things I suggested for today. I also asked Justin to take the camera with him so I could have pictures for this post.
So, when I got home from work today Justin and Reece were sitting on the couch among a ton of stuffed animals and a new one, well new to Reece. Joining them was Andy; you remember Raggedy Anne and Andy, don’t you? Well, Justin had an Andy when he was a kid and had it hiding in his garage, so guess what the two of them dug out today after spending some time cutting wood and drilling screws, yup, Andy. Well, kind of, Reece calls him Sandy.
The suggestions I made for the day, not one of them was taken. Apparently Reece didn’t feel like leaving the house, so they hung out at home, playing in the workshop, outside and in the house.  All in all, Reece had a great day, and his dad...well, he is already asleep on the couch.

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