Thursday, October 27, 2011

Busy Week

It has been quite the week at the Oliver homestead. This mama has been a busy lady, out every morning without my little man in tow. I have had cooking classes to lead, meetings to attend, a corporate workshop and a speaking workshop at a mom’s! I am usually really great at keeping my daytime work commitments to a minimum, as my number one priority is Reece and being his mom. But somehow this week that did not happen and I found myself being pulled in a number of different directions.
Tonight as I sit here I am happy to think about the four days ahead. We have music class tomorrow morning and a dress up party in the afternoon. On Saturday, we are going to Reece’s cousin’s school in Oakville, where there is a pumpkin carving contest and a little dress up party. We will then enjoy some time together with my sister in law before we head to my aunt’s house in Mississauga for a visit. And then the best part, we have no plans, and I mean no plans, for Sunday or Monday. When I realized what a busy week I had ahead of me last weekend, I immediately booked off the two days to do nothing.
Sunday and Monday will be a chance for us to hang out, relax, reconnect and just be. We might go hiking, we might not. We might go out for a cup of tea one afternoon, we might not. We might sleep in....yes, I can guarantee we will do this one.  We have no plans, except to enjoy some quiet time together as a family.
Hoping you have planned some time to chill this weekend too! Enjoy.

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