Thursday, October 20, 2011


We all have them...people we can talk to, people we can go to when we need a hug, people who are there for us in the good times and the not so good times. Many of us call these people friends.  Reece has friends he can talk to, friends who share hugs and friends who are there when the times are good and when the times are not so good.
I often catch him conversing with his friends in a quiet space, chatting away and enjoying the time with his friends. He will also ask Justin or I to make his friends talk, so his friends can talk to him instead of just listen. He absolutely loves his friends.
They join us on car rides, trips to the grocery store, visits to friends and family...there are days when they even sit down to dinner with us.

His friend’s names are Zippy and Penguie.
He loves them, he shares with them, he plays with them and he never forgets where they are. 
Yes, I know his friends are puppets, but they are teaching him so much about relationships, sharing, communicating and loving. It totally amazes me each and every day to watch how the relationship between the three of them has is simply amazing.
I am pretty sure the three of them will be BFs for life.

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