Thursday, October 10, 2013

Make and Listen


~ little hands have been busy making pine cone spiders

~ feeding our bird friends is a big priority around here, and spruce cone feeders are always a hit

~ a few little acorn nut cap people made by me for my little man

~ couldn't resist needle felting some pumpkins for the nature table

~ the latest knitting project, a shawl

~ if all goes well, I will cast on one of these this evening, another Christmas present


~ Sunday morning oldies are well enjoyed around here, it is hard to believe that music from the 70's, 80's and 90's is now considered oldies

~ Mumford and Sons join me most nights while I prepare dinner

~ the birds are filling our ears with their beautiful bird song, some of which we haven't heard since the spring when they were passing through heading north

What are you making and listening to this week?

Joining Dawn


  1. i love the autumn freshness and liveliness of these images and creations!

    sounds like you are having a wonderful time :) what a lovely blog post to surface to from my work! :)


  2. It is all so sweet! Those pumpkins are adorable and those spiders are just too fun! We might have to collect some big cones on our hike in the mountains this weekend to make some of those.
    Can't wait to see the owl finished. It looks so cute!
    We have been hearing the new sounds of migrating birds here as well. So nice.
    Thanks for sharing, Kim!

    1. Thanks for hosting Dawn. Can't wait to see you spiders :)

  3. Oh beautiful! I must really start needle felting too..the pumpkins are adorable. And the spiders too! My little ones will like making some of these..:)

    1. Thanks Halina. I love needle felting, it is one of those instant gratification crafts, doesn't take long to finish a project. Enjoy the spider making :)

  4. Oh the shawl is beautiful! Looks like you all have been ultra crafty around the house. The clothespin dolls are cute and so are the spiders :)

    1. Thanks Karen, I am still not quite sure who it is for :) I will decide once it is off the needles.

  5. I love your felted pumpkins!

    I am not making much these days... Hoping to cast on for some new stockings for my girls for Christmas this year.

    Listening to Jodi Picoult while walking the dog these days. Also listning to I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas daily bc my kids love that song!!

  6. The pumpkins are so cute. I'm going to have to make some of those. For the most part I have been writing, and writing and writing. Oh and a little knitting too.

  7. Those acorn people are adorable. :)

  8. i love your sweet autumny post kim, and love mumford and son too. and such pretty knitting!