Thursday, October 3, 2013

Autumn Sun

Beautiful autumn sun,
you shine so bright
and kiss our shoulders
with your warmth.

You have coaxed us
outside many times
this week
to enjoy the beauty
of autumn.

You have given us days
upon days
of glorious rays,
which we have enjoyed
to the fullest.

I found you shining
the other day
on a garden of daisies.
Their crisp whiteness
faded to brown,
but still
their beauty shone

Maybe it was your sparkle,
autumn sun,
carefully placed upon
this daisy,
that drew me in.

Whatever it was,
I was captivated.
Standing, then sitting,
I watched
you shine your light
on this daisy.
I watched the gentle breeze
make it dance with delight.
Autumn sun,
I thank you,
you are beautiful.

****I wrote a little something over at Anchor and Plume Press yesterday, stop by and read Solace.


  1. Wonderful words and a great photo too.
    I thought autumn was here,but I was mistaken, the heat is back ;(

    1. Thanks Tracey. I heard about your autumn heat from my parents, they arrived down south on Tuesday and were quite happy to report how hot it was.

      I do hope it cools down for you soon, you have so many beautiful hand knits to wear :)

  2. lovely. i agree. there is just something sweet and hopeful about the autumn sunlight.

  3. I had one of these moments yesterday on open planes of NM. Only it was the silence and then the wind that did it.

  4. I agree. There is something so magical about this time of year, and you captured it perfectly.