Monday, May 6, 2013

On A Sunday Morning

I awake with
the sun.
The filtered light
floats into the room.
Shadows dance on the walls,
mesmerizing me,
for just a minute.

I tip toe
out of the room
and into the kitchen,
hoping the rest of the house
continues to sleep.

Tea is made.
Windows are opened.
I step out
into the sunshine
that seeps through the trees
onto the back deck.

Morning dew
shimmers on the grass.
Birds fill the air
with their morning song.
I close my eyes.

A fire is lit.
I sit,
in the light of
the sun.
I enjoy this moment.
It is mine.
I soak it up,
not knowing how long it will last.

It lasts longer than I think it will.

the pitter patter of
little feet
approach the screen door.
He peeks out
with a morning smile that
melts my heart.

He joins me by
the fire.
We sit in silence,
listening to the