Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I See You

I see you
summer Sun,
peeking out from behind
the winter clouds.

You rise in the dark sky
a little earlier each day,
and set behind the trees
a bit later each evening.

You are joining us 
more often on
our morning walks,
warming the day
ever so slightly.
I often stop, eyes closed,
and turn my face towards you,
taking a deep breath 
as you sprinkle my cheeks
with your light and warmth.

We eagerly await your full
When we can toss our woolens
run outside,
bare feet on the earth.

We are dreaming of
gardens in bloom,
meals on the back deck,
late nights outside,
around the fire,
watching the fireflies
flicker in the dark.

Long summer hikes,
picnics by the lake,
days spent just soaking
you up.

Afternoons swimming 
in the pond,
or sitting under the shade
of a tree,
trying to stay cool
as you shine your glorious rays
down on us.

I see you,
peeking out.
I am waiting,
with great anticipation
summer Sun,
to welcome you back.


  1. soon very very soon, we will be in the hot days of summer-I think that is what I love best of the seasons changing there are joys and then there is the anticipation of the next season and what it brings.

    1. I like that too Karen, the shift and the anticipation :)

  2. Mmmmmmmmmm... warmth of spring and heat of summer... Haven't been this anxious for it in years! I'm just gonna sit here and pretend it's on my face for a second...

    1. I know, it has been quite a few years since I have been itching for it this badly, but this winter has been a tough one.

  3. That picture makes me feel like you are at the top of world! Lovely.

    1. It kinda feels that way when you are up there. If you make it this way in the summer we will take you up there :)

  4. Stunning and ditto : )

  5. Bring on summer! I am struggling to appreciate the constant rain storms we've been having for 3 months!

    1. Yikes, that is not fun! Let's hope the sun shines on you soon :)

  6. While I love the easy schedule that summer brings I am not ready for the heat and humidity.

    1. I am not always ready for that either, every season does have its not so great things, eh?