Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Powerful Statement

“Create the world you want to see.”

This was on a bumper sticker I saw while attending the Peterborough Folk Festival this past weekend. 

I read it, read it again and then again.

Then I said wow!

This is a powerful statement.

Let’s say it again:

“Create the world you want to see.”

We live in a world of plenty. 
Of both wants and needs met. 
And yet many of us are unhappy. 
Many of us are searching for more.

When I read this quote it hit me how easy it is to be happy, 
to live the life you want, 
to wake up every morning with appreciation and gratitude 
for what we experience, have and receive from each other and this planet.

We are the creator of our days, our weeks, our years. 
We have control over the choices we make. 
We can stop searching. 
We can and do create our world. 

I pondered this quote. 
I thought about the world I want to see. 
I thought about the world I create. 
I reflected on where I have been and how far I have come. 
I put down on paper the world I want to see...a world filled with love, trust, gratitude and joy. 
A world filled with understanding and compassion, honesty and forgiveness. 
A world where we live in harmony with this earth, close to her and supporting her. 
A world where we value the wonderful gifts we receive from the land, enjoying and sharing them. 
A world where we come together as one to celebrate, to cry, to give thanks, to grow, 
to learn, to change and to be who we really are.

I will “create the world I want to see” by living the above. 
What I put out there I receive back and in return the world I want to see is created.


  1. I love this post. It is beautiful and it echoes how I feel-thank you :)

  2. I was told once that attitude it more important than aptitude...Kind of in the same vein because our attitude affects so much. With your attitude, you are creating a beautiful world for yourself and your family!

    1. So true! Thank you Melissa, that means a lot :)

  3. You said: "A world where we come together as one to celebrate, to cry, to give thanks, to grow,
    to learn, to change and to be who we really are."

    and I say... yes yes yes. I have so many times before asked/told/invited people/friends/community that when they walk into our home, they are allowed/invited/encouraged to show up as is. No need to mask the sadness that existed before you arrived at our doorstep. No need to cover up the argument that happened between spouses on their way to break bread at our table. No need to pretend you are something you are not.

    we need more of this!!


    1. Thanks Jules. I think I would love to break bread at your table :)

      Can you imagine a world with more of this...utterly amazing it would be.

  4. I want to print this as poster and hang it up in my kitchen! :)

  5. This is a very powerful statement. If we embody and beleive in it, it can have a profound effect on our life and the world beyond.
    Thank you for sharing this reflection :)

  6. yes, definitely a phrase to live by! thank you for sharing kim!