Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mothering with Mindfulness Sponsor - Olive and Owl

Today I would like to welcome back one of my lovely sponsors KC Pagano. Last time KC from Little Homestead in the Desert was interviewed we chatted about her, her life and being a mom, this time we learn a little bit more about KC’s lovely Etsy shop Olive and Owl

Tell us a little about your lovely Etsy shop Olive and Owl.

I started this little shop back in 2010 after visiting my local fabric remnants shop.  This shop is incredible as you can find just about anything. My favourite section is the cotton solids. They have two isles with boxes on the tables and the boxes are piled so high you can’t see over them. I love to go there and dig and dig and dig.  You can find Anna Marie Horner, Joel Dewberry, Alexander Henry, Moda, Mona Luna, Lizzy House and the amazing stuff from last season or season before.  The only thing is they are all scraps. So you never know how much you can find. Many times you can only find a 1/4 of yard or even a 1/8. It’s with these small scraps that I started to make head scarves.  I wear them all the time and I thought, why don’t I sell some of these? From those the shop was born. 

What inspires your creations?

I’m really inspired by India, nature and other bohemian hippie creations. Oh and the desire to make toys for my kids.  I’m really into print making right now and so I’ve been trying it out on fabric and paper. 

Do you have secret to share about how you find the time to create with two busy little ones underfoot?

Creating with little ones is really hard. However I took some very good advice from Kathy of Bliss Beyond Naptime. I started taking 5- 10 minutes every few hours to work on something, even if that means having them there with me. So I often bring the girls into my sewing room and let them rifle through my scrap box. My oldest creates a nest from the scraps and hides away.  I also schedule me time at night before bed to do some sewing or other crafts which need concentration. For example stamp carving with sharp knives is always done after bedtime.

What are you currently creating?

Right now I’m working on creating blank note cards printed with veggie stamps that I have hand carved. I also have infant rag dolls waiting on my table to have their head attached to their bodies! 

What are you currently reading?

I’ve got so many books half open. I’ve always got some craft book open as well as some reference book. But I do love a good bit of fantasy so on the recommendation of a friend I started reading the series A Song of Fire and Ice.  I’m also reading Coming Home to Eat. It’s about a guy who tries eating only food within 100 miles of home.

What is your favourite spot in your home?

My favourite place in the house is my kitchen. Though it is total chaos sometimes it is the center of my creativity.  

What is your favourite time of day?
I love the early afternoon, after lunch because that’s when it’s the most quiet around here.  I also like that there is still time in the day to do more activities.

What is the highlight of your week?

I love Sunday mornings because that is when our farmers market is. We all get up early and go as a family. We walk and talk and eat lots of samples as well as stock up on yummy local veggies and tortillas for the week.

You have one hour to yourself, how do you spend it? 

One hour, that might be spent reading or making a stamp.

What is the dream at the top of your bucket list?

It used to be going to India, but I did that two years ago. Now it’s going to Japan to see the cherry trees blossom.

What is your favourite quote?  
Funny, I used to love quotes but I don’t have much time for them now! However one does come up often for me that my mother in-law always says “Ci vuole pazienza”, which means “it takes patience” in Italian.  Parenting surely does take patience and it has become a mantra for me.

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"Love KC and her shop is so lovely! My favorite are the Om bodysuits. :)"



  1. A very inspiring interview and a super giveaway, thank you, the note cards would be perfect here. :)

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  4. Love KC and her shop is so lovely! My favorite are the Om bodysuits. :)

  5. No need to enter me in the giveaway since I already have a set of those beautiful cards. But I enjoyed reading this little interview with KC. Thanks for sharing.

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