Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mothering with Mindfulness Sponsor - Cubit's Organic Living

Today I would like to introduce you to one of my April sponsors Laura Watt of Cubit's Organic Living

Tell us a little about yourself and Cubits Organics.

Cubit’s Organics is an organic seed company located in the East End of Toronto Ontario. Specializing in high quality organic, rare and heirloom seeds, we believe that everyone can sustainably grow their own healthy and delicious organic produce in their urban environments. 

Building on many years of urban gardening experience, Cubit’s Organics is owned and operated by Laura Watt. She is joined by her husband Ryan who does most of the design and photo tech. In addition to being our mascot, Hazel the husky-retriever cross helps by digging the occasion hole in the garden and by helping herself to the carrots. 

In addition to growing our own food and growing our company, we are growing their family with the arrival of little Rebecca who is now 2 years old and two bad kittens.

Things are pretty busy at Cubit’s Organics this time of year, how do you balance work with family life?

This time of year is extremely busy for us.  We work as a family to keep things moving smoothly and if certain tasks, like folding the laundry don't get done, we simply move on.  Working from home gives you great flexibility but in return you must be flexible to deal with life and business' ebbs and flows.  I am not a big fan of the idea of "balance" and instead we consider if everyone's needs are being met and focus on making things as low stress as possible. 

If you could share one bit of advice about starting up your own business what would it be?

Starting your own business is a leap that some people just have to take.  We started very small with very little risk and plan for slow and steady growth while our family is young.  

I see from your blog you have just purchased 14 acres of farm land and an English style Loyalist barn in Prince Edward County, Ontario, that is really amazing. What are you plans for this wonderful and inspiring purchase?

Our next big step in this growth is to expand our growing operations. In the past we have used a series of Urban yards to grow our seeds and test gardens and we are out growing that model.  We are currently in the process of purchasing 14 acres of farm land a short distant from Toronto, where we live.  This year we will plant our first round of heirloom tomatoes for seed at the farm in Prince Edward County as well as our regular circuit of city gardens.

You have a free day, no plans, what do you do with it?

A day with nothing planned is an impossible occurrence around here.  My husband and I are always working on a project. There is always something to do, most of it quite enjoyable. Currently I'd like a whole afternoon of weeding my own garden and have a feeling my two year old daughter will be happy to join me.

Any tips for new gardeners out there?

This best advice I have for new gardeners is to simply grow what you and your family want to eat. Start out small and add new varieties every year.  Sometimes plants just die, learn from the experience and move on.

Thanks so much for taking the time to share a little bit about yourself and Cubit's Organic Living with us. It was wonderful getting to know you a little better Laura.

You can connect with Laura and Cubit's Organic Living a few ways:

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