Thursday, March 15, 2012

Woman Who Inspire Series

Today I would like to share with you an inspiring series of interviews one of my lovely sponsors Heidi of The Conscious Perspective did in January of this year. Heidi had the amazing opportunity to interview some pretty amazing women. I followed the series, which was a week long, and each day found these women to be living a life of purpose and helping others in one way or another to do that same.

In Heidi’s words:
The goal for the week is to provide a boost of inspiration right at the beginning of the year, because many of us feel a sense of change and progress in the air. The women interviewed all lived vastly different lives from the ones they are currently living. They made a change, took the leap, and are now living their dreams – and we want to send that great energy your way.”
So grab a cup of tea, a little snack, sit back and be ready to be inspired!


  1. Oh my! I started reading and got totally sucked in. I had to stop because I have prior commitments, but this will definitely be read tonight. Thanks!

    1. It is a really great series, the women are so inspiring. Hope you enjoy!

  2. I look forward to checking this out soon!

  3. Thank you so much Kim. This is on my reading list for the weekend. I hope your weekend is full of health and happiness. xxoo