Monday, December 19, 2011

Would Love to Share...But I Can't

I have been blogging for two and half years over at my nutrition site, Your Green Baby, but this is the first holiday season for Mothering with Mindfulness.
I have already shared with you two holiday recipes I will be giving as gifts this year – Pumpkin Granola and Chocolate Covered Dates, but I have not shared with you any of the crafting I have been up to, and I recently learned this is the curse of the December blogger – the fact that we must keep our crafting projects secret in case those who are receiving our gifts are reading our blogs. And so, I must keep everything under wraps for now, with the exception of the gifts we have been making for Reece. Since he is not yet reading my blog, I can share with you the gifts he will be receiving, both handmade and bought.

Bedtime Bag with Pyjamas and Book


A Neck Warmer (in the same yarn that his daddy is getting a scarf in)

Wooden Tree Blocks

A Tree House with gnomes (hoping Canada Post gets them here in time)
For his stocking - a Waldorf doll, play silks, play clips and crafting fun!
What are you busy crafting for the little one’s in your life?


  1. I hope you share with us some of those other fantastic gifts you have been making for everyone else after the holidays!

  2. Thanks Ami! We have just started selling the tree house and the blocks have been for sale for about a month now. They have been a huge success!!!!

    Hoping Reece likes the bedtime bag, pjs and book too!

  3. I am hoping to, although, I know already I have forgotten to take a few pics, but I will do my best :)

  4. I love the tree house, too cute!!

  5. Awe, thanks Lorraine. I really hope Reece likes it too!