Thursday, December 15, 2011

An Artist with His Own Mind

We had planned a little painting session this afternoon and had decided to bring in some nature to help us out.

It all seemed like a really great idea, but our little artist was not as interested as Justin and I were. He gave each “paint brush” a try, splashed the paint around a little bit...

And then decided, after exactly three minutes, he wanted to draw. So, while Justin gave the paint brushes a try himself, Reece and I got the crayons and paper out, settled in front of the fire and did some drawing.

Sometimes you really don’t need a fancy craft...blank paper and crayons are all you need.


  1. Using pine needles as a paint brush!! Love that idea!! -B

  2. Thanks! It was a good idea, hopefully my little man will be more into it next time around.

  3. love the pine needles, great idea!

  4. Kim,
    Thanks for shaing the photo of the crayons you use. Do you have a safe brand of glue that you allow Reece to use? Thanks!

  5. Hi there, right now we are using glue sticks most of the time. If we need something to really stick, I use the hot glue gun.

    Hope that helps.