Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Simple and Special

Simple and special...this is exactly how I want to look back on our Christmas this year. We have been simplifying our lives and our Christmas’ for a few years now, and each year we are amazed at how much more we enjoy them. We are living the LESS IS MORE philosophy and finding out its true!
This is what simple and special means to us:
v  Being able to avoid the Christmas shopping rush by choosing to share our love and appreciation with homemade gifts
v  And what little shopping that had to be done, is done, and was done at Chapters (you can never go wrong with a book) and online at Nova Naturals for some wonderful craft supplies and a Waldorf doll.
v  Lazy mornings, pancake breakfasts, pyjama days
v  Quiet walks on fresh fallen snow
v  Lazy days by the fire, listening to Christmas carols
v  Playing the afternoon away, because we can
v  Hot tea and homemade muffins
v  Visits with family
v  Quiet evenings
v  New traditions
v  Slowing down, breathing and enjoying time together
v  Time...to simply be

"The magic of the season is in
the time spent,
the moments shared
and the memories made."

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