Thursday, December 29, 2011


I often find myself reflecting between Christmas and the New Year. I always have more time during this week and usually spend some of it outside running, hiking and walking our dog.  It is during these times outside, when I am alone with my thoughts, some of my best thinking is amazing how calming and opening Mother Nature can  be. So, it was no surprise as I headed out on Monday to hit the trails for a run I found myself reflecting on the year past.

Great things happened this year with my nutrition business Your Green Baby. It has continued to grow and I am passionate about the message I continue to share with moms and dads.  I released my first book, Raising Happy Healthy Babies; such a huge accomplishment. This was an 18 month process which found me writing into the wee hours of the morning while Reece was sleeping.

I have been fortunate this year to find some new mama friends and a wonderful new group called Thoughtful Parent. These both allow me the pleasure of sharing my mothering experiences with other mamas who are on the same path.

As a mama, this year has far exceeded anything I could have hoped for.  I am continually amazed at the journey I am on with my little man. Each day I rediscover life through his eyes. I am so grateful for this. Reece reminds me every day that he is on a journey and while I am part of that journey, I cannot control it. I am here to guide, support and love but he is his own little person and will choose his own path. He is an amazing little person and I am so fortunate to be his mama.

As a family, we successfully nurtured, grew and enjoyed eating food from our gardens again this summer. The process is a wonderful experience and walking out to the garden in the afternoon to pick food for dinner, well, that is just amazing! We plan to keep this up by adding an extra bed this summer with hopes of sustaining our little family.

We continue to forge ahead with our goals of living a simpler, more sustainable life, it is a process and we are enjoying it. We are slowing down, we are taking notice, we are enjoying our simpler life and everything it has to offer.

This year, as with our world, our countries and our communities, we, as a family, have had some ups and downs, but we struggled through and come out on the other side stronger and wiser.

With each passing day this past year I became stronger. I became a better person. I became a better mother. It is a journey and on it I continue to learn, grow and change.

So, as I reflect back on 2011, I am grateful for a wonderful year and I look forward with anticipation and hope to a New Year.

What have you been reflecting on as we approach a New Year full of possibility and promise?


  1. It sounds like you truly have had a wonderful year. (And I agree, walking in nature is the best way to think and reflect.)

  2. Yes Susan, I would have to agree it was a wonderful year.

    Thanks for stopping by and all the best for 2012!