Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Timelessness was the goal of the summer.
To live it out in the moment,
no care for the time or schedule.
To lend ourselves to the rhythm of the sun,
the growth in the garden,
to the flow and call of our hearts.
We followed, we laughed,
we enjoyed, we collected moments,
we made memories.

To move through the season in this way,
to really feel the push and pull of summer
deep in the abyss of my being was magical.

Every part of me wants to hang on tight,
grabbing the last remnants of the magic,
bottling if for another time.

But it can't be bottled.
It can only be fulfilled now.

So as the days shorten,
as the sun begins to fade,
I will be dancing in the light of that fading sun.
Soaking up every last moment of timelessness,
collecting moments,
letting them leave a tattoo on my memory,
where I can recall,


  1. Love love love this. Timelessness - a beautiful mantra x

  2. letting them leave a tattoo on my memory,
    where I can recall,

    that is my favorite part-may you bottle up all of summer's goodness in your mind.

  3. yes, I totally get it.
    Summer Magic comes and goes so fast!!!!
    Enjoy those sunflowers and then when they are past, hang the faces on the fence for the birds and a reminder for yourself of Summer.

    1. Oh you bet I will. The birds have already been enjoying a few of the first ones that bloomed a few weeks ago.