Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Eyes Closed

With my eyes closed,
I sit
in silence,

A bird sings,
cicadas chirp,
bees buzz.

The wind rustles
the leaves
of the tree

A crow caws,
then something
in the forest.

A chipmunk
or squirrel.
I listen.

The chatter of
a chipmunk
now fills the air.

Nature's symphony of sound.
It is simple, beautiful,
calming and rejuvenating.

I sink deeper into the earth
letting the sounds
serenade me,
filling up my soul.


  1. I just loved this Kim. I feel relaxed and connected just from your words, thank you!

  2. Kim do you do a nature sit? Where you go and just sit in the forest and listen? I've been learning about bird calls over the last month and have been interested to try this. But I haven't found the time to leave the girls. If I said I'm going into the woods they would absolutely have to come.

    1. Yes, we call it a sit spot. It is one of 13 core routines for deep nature connection. I have a spot in the backyard for easy access that I try and get to every day for at least 15 to 20 minutes. I also have a spot at the conservation area up the road for when time permits and I can get away.

      Sometimes when time doesn't permit I try and include Reece, even if it is just a few minutes.

  3. Thank you Kim, it's beautiful and touches me deep.

  4. Reading this, I felt like I was there. Just beautiful.

  5. Beautiful. Calm. Serene.

    I needed and fully appreciate this. xo