Thursday, August 29, 2013

Around the Garden

Oh how I am going to miss these days in the garden. Heading out in the morning to harvest greens and berries for breakfast, sneaking out before lunch for some tomatoes, a cucumber and some herbs and lulling about before dinner bringing in whatever is ready and ripe to enjoy. These last days of summer in the garden are good ones indeed.

The last two weeks have been a bit of whirlwind, so much has changed. We dug up the potatoes, all 35 pounds of them. This was our first year using the no dig method and it was a great success. We will definitely be growing them this way again next year. All of the summer kale and a few basil plants were harvested and processed into pesto, labeled and added to the freezer stash. We harvested the last of the cucumbers and cleaned up the bed, getting it ready for our garlic, which will go in the ground sometime in October. We sowed some seeds for the fall garden...mesclun mix, arugula, Swiss chard, kale and beets are all sprouting out of the ground. Those little green sprouts peeking out of the ground always amaze me. We started harvesting tomatoes, lots of tomatoes. The first batch of sauce has been made, and it looks like I will be making another batch this weekend. They are ripening a little later than last year, but they are just as sweet. And the butternut squash is hanging on, at least a few of the plants and I am hoping they hold on long enough that we can harvest 4 or 5 squashes, not nearly as much as I had hoped for, but at least it is something. Keeping my fingers crossed.

With the close of the main garden season approaching my time in the kitchen increases just a little as I try to get as much as I can put up for the winter ahead. The pantry shelves are filling up with dilly green beans, gingery pickled beets, dill pickles, raspberry, strawberry and blueberry jam, and tomatoes. The freezer is filled with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, peaches, zucchini, pesto and tomato sauce. And tucked away in the basement are the onions, garlic and potatoes. I am hoping to get some salsa canned in the next week or so, and there will definitely be more tomato sauce.

Last year we finished up most of the food we put up by mid February, with the exception of tomatoes and strawberries, the latter of which we are still eating. We have definitely put up more food so far this year than last, so I am looking forward to seeing how long it lasts us.

As parts of the garden begin their long winter rest, I am grateful for the wonderful season we had, and am already thinking ahead to next year with great anticipation.

How are things around your garden?


  1. Inspired to maybe try sparking up the ye old garden next year because of your beautiful work here.

  2. love your garden posts so full of healthy goodness. Glad you've had a successful season (s) and may it feel you for many months to come.

  3. those full shelves must make you happy!

  4. Such beauty and bounty, Kim! Always a joy to behold.

    Here's some bits from our little garden...

  5. wow. that's my garden next year, girl.
    yep. basically, you've put photos to my vision.