Monday, September 3, 2012

Enjoying the Outdoors

This weekend was about one thing...being outside. We wanted to enjoy the last long weekend of the summer by being outside as much as we possibly could be. And we did just that.

With Reece tucked into bed for the night, I enjoyed the rising of the blue moon on Friday evening. With my bare feet touching the earth I looked up, breathed deeply and let the magic of the evening fill me.

Saturday was a lovely little hike, just my little man and I. We hit one of our favourite spots, Lynde Shore Conservation Area. We feed the birds and the chipmunks and said hello to the ducks. We hiked down to the lake to enjoy a lovely lunch on the beach, alone. We dipped our feet into the water, Reece threw some stones, we enjoyed our lunch and we laughed, oh did we laugh.  We then packed up and hiked back out. It was amazing. Two things amaze me every time we hike here...the first, birds and chipmunks eating from our hands, that never gets old and second, we are always alone on this lovely little beach. I can't believe more people don't venture this far on the trails, it is beautiful and so peaceful.

We got home late in the afternoon, picked some tomatoes, kale, basil and onions. We made pesto and pizza dough. We lite a fire on the back deck and enjoyed a lovely homemade, garden fresh pizza for dinner.

Sunday morning was a lovely trail run for this mama and a little sit spot time. Then home to make carrot zucchini bread and cookies with my little man. Later in the day we took some time for tea with my parents and a little visit to my brother's to wish my nephew a happy birthday.

It was a great weekend, and we still have today, Monday, to enjoy a little bit more of it. I will be heading out for a little solo hike early this morning. It has been quite some time since I have been out on my own for a hike and it is just what I need. Don't get me wrong, I love sharing hikes with Reece, but sometimes it is just wonderful to head into nature alone. There is something about being alone with Mother Nature that fills me with hope, inspiration and love.

And once I get home, no big plans...just chilling at home, roasting some more tomatoes (I feel like we are surrounded by tomatoes right now), maybe a little garden work and just enjoying time together.

Wishing you a lovely Monday.


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  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend - a truly nice pace!

  2. What a great weekend. I'm amazed that those chipmunks will eat out of your hand!

  3. "There is something about being alone with Mother Nature that fills me with hope, inspiration and love."

    I know that feeling well and think it's important to have solo time in nature to feel it fully. Sounds like you all had a lovely weekend. :)

    1. It is an amazing feeling isn't it? And yes we had a lovely weekend.

  4. what a beautiful nature filled weekend! it always amazes me too when we visit our favorite spots and are usually the only ones there... just thinking that so many people are missing out! although perhaps in some ways and some places that's a good thing, the low traffic. and solo mama hikes, a must! hope you enjoyed yours!