Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gifts of Love

As you know, we shared a pretty simple Christmas this year, nothing too fancy, choosing to make gifts instead of buying.  For the last few years, Justin and I have not exchanged gifts, we were happy with what we hand, needed nothing and choose to enjoy just being together as a family as our gift to each other. This year, though, with all the craftiness going on in our home, we both got busy creating gifts for each other. 
Justin is an artist, working with many different mediums. His work usually involves wood and metal, but you will often find him playing with something else if it creates a vision for him.  So, take a look at what I opened on Christmas morning.

Yes, knitting needles. Can you believe he made me a pair of knitting needles? Now they are a bit heavy and I don’t think I will use them for knitting, but they are beautiful none the less.  And to be honest, he told me the intended purpose is not for knitting. In mid December, I finally figured out how to create a little crafting space for myself in our little home.  I had been trying to figure it out for a while and it finally came together in my head, we just needed to get the Christmas tree out of the way. So, the plan was made, as soon as the holidays were over, he and I would get to work on my craft space. These needles are meant to be displayed in my space as a reminder of the knitting I love to do and the artistic work Justin loves.  Yes, my heart melted just a little bit.
And now for the piece which blew my mind. This.
It was such a surprise to open such a beautiful gift. This is something Justin has never done, so it took me completely by surprise. He was able to get his hands on some soap stone and decided to try carving it, and this is the finished product; a beautiful piece which captures so beautifully the love we share.
I am continually amazed by my husband. He never ceases to surprise me with his creativity.
And to top it all off, he also snuck in $50.00 specifically meant for me to spend at a little yarn shop I found recently in Port Perry.
I will be the first to say, I am a lucky lady and am grateful each day for the man I call my best friend and husband.
I love you Justin.


  1. Reading your post this morning brought tears to my eyes. Such beautiful gifts of love. Thank you for sharing!

    Happy New Year to you, Justin and Reese.

  2. Those knitting needles are incredible. I'm so happy you are getting your own space to create. Please post pictures when it's all done.

  3. Your gift is truly beautiful! What a sweet man:)))

  4. Thanks Susan, Happy New Year to you too! I am truly a blessed lady.

  5. Thanks KC, he is a very talented guy. Oh, you can count on a post about my new creative space as soon as it is done. Justin is working on the table top as we speak.

  6. Yes, very sweet Jo-Lynne. Thanks for stopping by :)

  7. I have to agree barefoot mama, it really made my heart melt on Christmas morning. So blessed and grateful to have him in my life.

  8. The beauty of wood working skills, I wish I knew how. One hobby at a time.

  9. It is an amazing talent to have that is for sure. My dad is a wood worker too, so I am pretty lucky on all fronts :)

  10. Oh wonderful! I think handmade gifts are the best. Looks like you have a wonderful soul mate to go through this life with!

  11. Yes, Tracey, they are the best, especially when you know how much work goes into them...love it!

    Soul mate is right, it is a pleasure to journey this life with him.