Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Everything Happens for a Reason

I know it is a bit of a cliché, but I really do believe everything, well, almost everything, happens for a reason.  While we may not be aware of the reason at a particular time, if we take some time, give it some thought, we can usually find a reason.
On January 3 I received an email from a mom of one of the other children in Reece’s music class. She wanted to know if I was still going to put Reece in music class and where, since the teacher we were currently signed up with had cancelled the class. This was news to me, has I had not received an email that the class was cancelled. I have to admit, I was a little sad, this is the second time our music class has been cancelled.
We started the Kindermusik program when Reece was four months old. It was a great program; got me out of the house to meet other moms, and both Reece and I enjoyed the class.  Last spring the Kindermusik teacher closed her school, so we went on the hunt for another class.  We decided to take the summer off and that gave me a bit of time to find something. We began the Music for Young Children program in September with a new teacher, at a new school. It was going well, Reece was having a great time and I was amazed at how much he was picking up and retaining from week to week. We were all set to go back; when the email came...class had been cancelled.
I completely understand the teachers reason, with only two students registered; it just does not make a class. I guess this is what happens to toddler and preschool programs...most children are in daycare, preschool or school, which leaves little attendance in daytime programs. Does anyone else face this problem?
So, on the hunt again, I was lucky enough to find another teacher who was offering the second session of the Sunrise Program with the Music for Young Children Program – yay!!!!!
You are wondering what this has to do with “everything happens for a reason” aren’t you? Well, two weeks ago, we should have been at music class on Friday morning, with the program that was cancelled, but instead we joined a group of like minded mamas for a new program called Oaks and Acorns.
I got a last minute email from a friend on the Thursday night about this new program for baby’s birth to 5 years and decided to go, since our music class had been cancelled. And this is where “everything happens for a reason” comes into play. The instant I said hello to the two moms leading the group, I knew this was the place for Reece and I. Like minded mamas, trying to live a slow, sustainable life, interested in fostering a love of nature and the environment in their children.

The program is two hours long and we spend it outside exploring with the kids. Last week we tracked animal prints, we talked about trees and animal poop, and we went looking for porcupines in the trees. And yes, we spotted a porcupine and spent a huge chunk of time looking at it sleeping in the tree. We then began the hunts for quills and porcupine hairs, and we found some of those too! Reece and I had a wonderful time. He met some new friends, I met some new mama friends and we spent a lovely time with them enjoying nature and exploring. My heart and soul were happy.
Yes, that is a porcupine in the tree. Awesome!
One the way home, it dawned on me, that we were supposed to be at music class that morning. If the class had not been cancelled I would never had gone to Oaks and Acorns that morning. We never would have met the community of like minded mamas who are on the same path as us.

So, yes, everything does happen for a reason, a lot of the time, we just have to take time to see it.
On a side note, our new music teacher is phenomenal.

Have you ever been disappointed when something in your plans changed, but in the end it worked out for the better?


  1. I love this.... and it gets me thinking about finding or starting a similar group here... the oaks and acorns that is. I love it! :)

    1. Me too! I am so happy to have found this group. You should look for one or start one, great way to meet like minded mamas.

  2. What a fantastic happening! I honestly had no idea that porcupines could get into trees. I'm so glad you met a group of like minded mamas. I feel like that's just happened recently with my blog. You and s few other wonderful people showed up and now it is something different for me. I feel like I'm actually writing as part of a conversation now!

    1. I had no idea either KC. The two moms that lead the group have done some tracking workshops and that is how they knew. It was totally amazing to see it and share it with Reece.

      I feel the same way with the blogging, so great to meet other mamas on the same path, feels good to know we are not the only "different" family around :)

  3. I couldn't agree more! Everything does happen for a reason. Sometimes it takes us a long time to know what that reason was and other times it's more redily aparent! I am so glad that you went and checked out Oaks and Acorns! It sounds like something that is totally up our alley! Isn't it so amazing to be in the company of other members of the tribe?! I know exactly how you feel! It has taken us a long time to find other like minded families and when we met up with the group we did last week it was like coming home! Enjoy every minute and I cannot wait to hear about all your adventures with these wonderful mamas and littles!

    1. I do think you guys would love it Shel, from everything I have read on your blog, we are members of the same "tribe".

      Totally amazing to be in their company and feel like I belong. Coming home describes it perfectly.

      We will enjoy every minute of it and I look forward to sharing all the fun we get up to.