Thursday, November 10, 2016

Podcast Love

A few weeks ago I shared with you one of my new morning rituals...listening to podcasts. A few of you were very interested in what I have been listening to, and so today I share with you the podcasts that have been inspiring me. 

The Good Life Project is amazing! And GLP Radio is one of my favourite. Inspiring conversations with people who are interesting, full of life, and sharing their wisdom and light. I highly recommend stopping in here and just pick one, honestly I don't think you could make a wrong choice. So much goodness, so much inspiration.

Lori Harder's motto is "we earn our happy every day" and her podcasts titled Earn Your Happy are full of amazing tidbits of inspiration to earn your happy. Some of her podcasts are short ten minute quickies, and others are longer, more in depth interviews. Whatever you choose you won't be disappointed.

Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert. Have you read the book Big Magic? If not, you should. And take some time to listen in on her Magic Lesson podcasts. So many inspiring messages and wonderful thought provoking conversations.

Tuesday and Thursday mornings are my podcast mornings. I rise early, at 5am, put the kettle on and gather my notebooks and pens. I light a few candles, and sit back with my coffee and let the inspiration and magic flow. I take notes, lots of notes. I let the messages and inspiration sink in. I wonder just how what I am hearing and learning fits into my life now, or maybe later. I become inspired, and in turn happy and excited. Excited for the things that are floating around in my head, excited about learning and growing, excited about the next steps I will take on this path I journey. Life is meant to be enjoyed, to it's fullest potential, and these podcasts provide me with inspiration to keep right on doing that no matter the obstacles that present themselves.

So, my friends, grab a coffee or tea, your notebook and pen, and join me for a little inspiration. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Enjoy!


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    1. No problem, always happy to share good stuff :)

  2. thank you so much for the podcast list, I'll be looking into them :)