Wednesday, November 30, 2016


A photo of my little man, once a month, on the last day of each month, in 2016

Reece, on our hike last weekend you were a wild nature boy, running free through the meadows. It was a joy to watch, and a dream come true for me. I love seeing you in nature, watching you connect with the world around you, and enjoying the space to run, wild and free. Nature connection has always been a big part of our lives. Our early days had you in the carrier, watching and connecting from the comfort of my back. Later you would toddle along the trails, stopping to watch ants, and bugs. Now you run ahead, comfortable on the trails and in the woods, you stop to climb trees, or to grab a stick, and sometimes you fall in step beside me and reach out for my hand. I am so happy, little man, that nature has called to your heart as it did mine. It's a special gift, to feel connected to nature, to know you can go to the woods and find connection with not only Mother Nature, but also with yourself. I hope you will always enjoy time in the woods, and that you will find the peace and solace she has offered me for so many years.


  1. I remember the baby carrier days fondly too :) Now they are grown and self sufficient!! Love the photo of how he is running full speed with a smile :)

    1. It's amazing how fast it goes. Thanks Karen. xo

  2. So great! What a beautiful spot. Love all that sky.