Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Birthday Hike

The birthday boy picked the hiking trail, and away we went. It is one of our favourite places, Lynde Shore Conservation Area. Within the woods at this magical spot you can feed chickadees and chipmunks from you hand, the squirrels come up close to check you out and coax you into tossing a peanut their way, the geese and ducks hang out under foot, and the trees speak in whispers as you walk quietly on the earth along the trail. It truly is a magical spot.

My little man and I spent our time on the trail doing the things he loves, feeding the birds and climbing trees. As he climbed, I stood hand outstretched waiting for those chickadees. That, combined with the most gorgeous autumn day made for perfection. 

As with most times when we get off the trail, we were hungry. So we headed north to Port Perry for a lunch date in one of our favourite restaurants, Marwan's Global Bistro. Good food, with the best company makes for the perfect date. 

After lunch we headed home, played, read, and enjoyed a quiet night at home. It was a great day with my newly minted eight year old. Thank you little man, for a wonderful day, celebrating you.


  1. sounds like an awesome hike with the one you love. He is growing up so very fast!!

    1. It was. And yes, he is. Much too fast if you ask me :)

  2. What a special, memorable day! The pics are beautiful.

  3. A beautiful course in the image of the beautiful course of your little boy who grew ...