Friday, November 18, 2016

Link Love

A few things I am loving this week....

A great post on kindness in our homes

A fun project for the whole family with an added bonus...more kindness

This podcast....amazing!

A change in perspective is empowering

Many of you ask what curriculum I use here at home...this one, and we love it!

Currently reading this, and I highly recommend it

In the pile of books beside my bed you will find, this, and this, not quite sure which one I will read next

Currently reading this to my little man....such a great book, first time I have read it

This book is on my Christmas wish list

Everyone loves my lunar phase calendar, you can order one here

Wishing you all the most beautiful weekend. Enjoy!


  1. Off to to read your links :) I love seeing what other people that are interesting!!

  2. great shares!!! thank you so much. lots of new books on my reading list now and i absolutely loved the post about perspective!

    1. Glad you enjoyed them Jenny. That was such a great post...I have reread it a number of times.