Thursday, November 14, 2013


~ for time to walk in clock, no schedule, nowhere else to be

~ for snowflakes that fall slowly, glistening in the rays of the sun, before gently landing on the ground

~ for my dad who dressed up against the elements to put a new roof on part of our home before winter arrives...thanks dad!

~ for moments of stillness in busy days

~ for a little man who asks to come up into my arms so he can give me a kiss and a hug

~ for the growth and change that comes with motherhood

~ for making myself a priority and scheduling in time for writing, reading and making

~ for friends, near and far, I am one lucky lady to have so many wonderful people in my life

What are you offering gratitude today for?


  1. love those boyhood snuggles! I am thankful for the broccoli I ate last night, super delicious. My knitting time and for the snow that visited us earlier this week.

  2. You have so many wonderful things to be grateful for!
    Here: the beautiful nature all around, watching my kids get out there in it... so sure and comfortable there, and just having time - without the clocks and watches we are lucky to do without most of the time.
    And yes, those little boy hugs are priceless. I still get lots from my 7 yo!

  3. I'm grateful for my charmed life. Every morning I wake up at dawn usually because some little being I made comes into check if they can be near me. How can I be mad at that or want to sleep in more? I am grateful that the biggest problem I have is having to wash my dishes because I feed 4 people.

    I am grateful for so many people who care about me around the world. I am grateful to be in a happy marriage for 9 years!

    I'm grateful S loves her dance class and that she goes willingly and comes out excited and energized. :)

    1. So much to be grateful for KC...a lovely list. We are pretty lucky mamas :)

  4. beautiful post! i'm grateful for my parents traveling so far to spend some days with us...

    1. Thank you! How wonderful, I bet it is awesome having them around.

  5. What gorgeous pictures and a gorgeous list. I am grateful for time to read and write, my family, my pets and my new re-found love of photography.