Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ten Things

I am a morning person, always have been. I love mornings. I rise early, around 5am, and three mornings a week head straight for my mat for yoga and meditation, usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I leave Tuesday and Thursday mornings open for whatever I am in the mood for...reading, knitting, writing, watching the sunrise, and so on. But all that changed a few weeks ago when I began listening to podcasts instead, and now I am hooked. I make a cup of coffee, sit back with my journal and hit play. I take notes, I learn, and best of all, I am inspired. It is the most amazing way to start the day, and a new rhythm that will be a part of Tuesday and Thursday mornings for the foreseeable future.

Speaking of new rhythms, there has been a slight change to our bedtime rhythm around here....a new addition to the flow of our evening. My little man now reads to me. Oh yes, he does. After we finish up his bath, we snuggle up in his bed and he reads to me. He is a new reader, so a few pages from an early reader is enough for now, and then I read to him, before we do our questions and turn out the lights. I am thrilled at this addition to our bedtime rhythm and listening to him read, goodness, it is so darn sweet.

Our homestead is busy this year, with kiddos joining us every day during the week on our learning journey. As many of you know my little man's friend has joined us in our homeschooling adventures for the last three years, and it as been truly amazing to have her here and to be a part of her learning journey. In late spring, early summer a few families approached me about their kiddos joining us here as well, and before I knew it kiddos were lined up to join us every day. It is a wonderful opportunity for my little man, to have both new and old friends here, learning alongside him.  For me, it is amazing to have kiddos here every day to share in our days. It makes my heart happy to have them here, and I feel honoured to play a small role in their learning journey. I am so grateful for all the families that trust me to hold space for their children in this way.

My shop has been updated...just a tiny plug. Thanks for checking it out.

Twinkle lights and candlelight...need I say more, okay, maybe a few words. Dark mornings, and short days means it's time for twinkle lights and candles around here. They both provide a warm glow, and a solace that I welcome this time of year.

As the season shifts outside things begin to shift in the kitchen too. Soups, curries, stews, baking, and more have been happening in the kitchen around here. I love that my meal plan shifts with the seasons, and that my body craves different foods with each season.

In a few short weeks my little man will be eight (!!!!!!!!). Just how did that happen? When I sit back and think about it I am in shock at how fast the last eight years have gone. I have done my best to be present, mindful and in the moment, and still I look back and wonder where has the time gone. It has gone too fast, much too fast. And with that realization I am focused on soaking up the next eight years as best as I can with my little man.

The new chicks are laying. Every afternoon I head out to the run and coop and find little eggs here and there. It's like an egg hunt every day. Blue eggs, green eggs, brown eggs and white. One in the corner, four under the coop, another laying right in the middle of the run. It's funny, for now, but I hope they get their act together and pick a nesting box soon.

The garden has pretty much been put to sleep for the winter. Most of the beds have been tidied, and leaves have fallen, giving them a nice cover for the winter. There are still a few beds to clean up, and more leaves to pile on, but nothing that can't be accomplished over the next few weeks and before the snow flies. As I put the beds to sleep for the winter my mind has been thinking about next year and mapping out plans. I am not totally sure yet, but I think I will grow a little less food next summer in favour of growing some more herbs, particularly medicinal herbs. I love making medicine, and think I would enjoy using a bit more space and time to grow more herbs. It isn't for sure yet, but it's a big thought in my head right now, and I will mull it over throughout the winter and see what comes of it.

I am loving this point in my life right now. I am holding space for myself, I am feeling comfortable in my own skin, and I am living life on my own terms. I have done a little dating, something I haven't done in twenty four years, and goodness how things have changed. It's a whole new scene out there, it's kinda fun, and kinda tough. Right now, I am single, and not dating anyone, and it feels right, for now. I recently said to a friend that I am alone, but the truth is I am far from alone. With the most amazing tribe of women around me, a family that has been so very supportive, loving and understanding, and friends from across the globe that check in on me via email and handwritten notes, I am far from alone. I am single, and loving it. I am a single mama, and loving it. But I am not alone. Yes, being single, and being a single mama, has it's challenges, but honestly, right now it feels just right for where I am on this journey.


  1. Ten things as beautiful as you are my friend ...

  2. I am so happy you are happy but I knew you would be, you have strength and resilience and trust in the world. How cool is it to have a little home school at your home?? Love that opportunity for you and for your son!

    1. Thank you Karen. There is still lots going on and lots to sort through, but I am happy, right now, in this moment, and I feel confident and strong as I move forward.

      It is pretty amazing, and I never could have imagined it. It is a huge blessing for both Reece and I. I thoroughly enjoy my days with all these little beings, they teach me so much.

  3. Sounds like you have hit a good rhythm in your life :)
    May I ask if you would share what podcast you enjoy?
    River in TN
    First time posting but reading your blog for awhile now

    1. First of all, welcome, and thank you for taking the time to comment. I am so happy you are here. I have been listening to a few different things. This mornings podcast was particularly inspiring, you can find it here

      I have also been making my way through the Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert, you can find those here

      And Ted Talks always find their way into my mornings at times. I love them, and always find inspiration listening and watching them.

      Hope that helps, and thanks again for stopping by.

    2. Thank you for sharing! I will check these out....
      Blessings from a rainy Tennessee

    3. No problem, always happy to share good stuff :) Blessings to you too, from a rainy Ontario. Seems we are having the same weather.

  4. Hi Kim,I am just starting out here, but read all your posts (over a few days). You are one mighty strong and beauty soul.

    1. Hello, and welcome. Thank you for your very kind words, and for stopping by.

  5. so many good things here!!! good for you! i'd love some podcast recommendations!! i'm just getting started with that as well... so far i just listen to ted radio. love your morning routine and your fall beginnings! love it all! and a new reader... love!

    1. Thank you my friend. I think I will do a little post later this week with some of the things I have been listening too, and want to listen to. It seems the more I mention my new podcast habit, the more questions I get about what I'm listening to.

      Hope all is well with you and your family. xo