Monday, April 3, 2017

Simple Pleasures

Simple. Slow. Intentional. Mindful. Present.

Those are the words that I choose to live by. The words I choose to guide me as I navigate my way along this path called life. As with any path, there are detours, obstacles, barricades that get in the way, that cause us to stumble, but I am always brought back to these words and this weekend was a reminder of just how full and happy my heart is when my life is guided by these words.

This weekend was a quick visit with a friend who just had a baby. It was a walk along the waterfront, tea in hand, chatting with a friend. It was a Saturday night movie with my little man. It was waking to sunshine and a beautiful day, birds chirping, and the garden calling. It was time spent outside hanging laundry, tidying the yard, uncovering garden beds, and soaking up the sunshine. It was listening to two boys plan and start creating a treehouse. It was a cup of tea on the front porch with a friend. It was an after dinner walk with my little man. It was perfection.

This weekend was all the words I choose to guide me. It was simple, slow, intentional mindful and present. It was simple pleasures, of the best kind, filling me up and reminding me why I choose to surround myself with the people I do and why I choose to live the life I lead.

I needed this reminder, I needed to come back to these guiding words, I needed to stop, and enjoy the simplicity of the every day. And I did just that, and I am grateful I was open to receiving and accepting the message.

How was your weekend, friends?


  1. yes! I love how you circle back to what is important and that is just "being". Beautiful! I hope your life is being gentle to you and good things are happening more often than not.

  2. I need this type of reminder, too. Thank you for sharing (and perfect picture for these words) :)

  3. Thanks for the post, thanks for the reminder of words like intention as it's easy to get lost in some days struggles. ..
    Love and light

    Luisa xoxo

  4. I'm remembering those words lately too - I think I forgot them the last couple weeks. I do love clothes on a line