Friday, February 3, 2017

Choose Love

Choice. Everything you do is a choice. Everything. Can I ask you to choose love? Can I ask in these days of so much uncertainty, so much unkindness, so much emotion, to just choose love. Choose to see the good around you. Choose to see the good in people. Choose to smile, and be kind. Live in the essence of love. Let love light you up, let it shine from you, let it touch another person, another soul.

It's February, a month dedicated to love, let's be love in a big way this month, every single one of us. Let's share it in whatever way you feel called to do so. Send a card to a friend letting them know you care about them, make a meal for a neighbour, open the door for a stranger, say hello, smile, say thank you, help a mama with crying kids pack up her groceries at the grocery store, let someone go ahead of you in line, buy a coffee for a stranger, offer up a warm meal to someone who might not otherwise enjoy one, listen, really listen to someone's story, tell people how much they mean to you. Let's open our hearts and let the love flow. Let's shower our small part of the world with love, and then sit back and watch it spread.

Will you choose love? Will you spread it thick and heavy in your corner of the world? We can do this, come on, I dare you, join me.